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Polywood Nautical 4 Chair Dining Set

nch38white4_1The Polywood Nautical 4 Chair Dining Set is a customer favorite that will look wonderful at your home. Polywood furniture is designed to last for the years to come. The strong, durable construction means that you can sit back and relax with zero worries. No matter if your patio is large, or small, this outdoor dining set will show off your outdoor lifestyle. Take a look at what is included below. Continue reading

Polywood Vineyard Garden Set

file_166_13The Polywood Vineyard Garden Set is the perfect patio furniture for your garden or patio area. This three piece patio furniture set features a classic traditional style that will keep your sitting area fashionable for the years to come. Polywood furniture is built to last and be hassle free. Don’t you deserve to enjoy your down time in comfort? This patio furniture set can certainly help you achieve that goal. Continue reading

Polywood Seashell Adirondack Chair

SH22WHThe Polywood Seashell Adirondack Chair is a fabulous piece of outdoor furniture for your home or cottage. This beautiful Adirondack chair from Polywood is built to last. Made with recycled plastic, this patio chair will give you and your family comfort for the years to come. With all of the beautiful color options available, you will surely find the perfect Polywood Adirondack chair for you. Continue reading

Polywood La Casa Cafe Armless Dining Chair Pair

file_189_12Are you looking to add chairs, or replace your outdoor dining chairs? The Polywood La Casa Café Armless Dining Chair Pair is just what you are searching for. This beautiful piece of Polywood furniture features a low, economical price and durability that will outlast the competition. With all of the wonderful colors available, you will surely be able to match these patio dining chairs up with your décor. Take a look at the details below. Continue reading

Patina Collegiate Fire Pit

oklahoma_product_pit_example_3The cooler temperatures are making their way across the country. Soon the leaves will change, but that doesn’t mean your outdoor relaxation has to end. Here at the Patina Collegiate Fire Pit will certainly keep you warm. Show your support of your favorite teams with this wonderful customized fire pit. With over 50 different schools to choose from, you will be able to show your school pride for the years to come. Take a look at the details below. Continue reading

Polywood Euro 3 Piece Chasie Lounge Package would like to introduce the new Polywood Euro 3 Piece Chaise Lounge Package. This modern chaise lounge package is a brand new package. These pieces give you the strength and durability of Polywood furniture, along with a beautiful modern style. Each piece is built to last for the years to come and make wonderful additions to your pool or patio area. Take a look at what is included below. Continue reading

Polywood South Beach Rocker

SBR16WHThe Polywood South Beach Rocker is a rocking chair with a special twist. This Polywood rocking chair features a unique Adirondack chair style. Polywood patio furniture is built to withstand the elements. This wonderful rocking chair will be your perfect companion for the years to come. Kick back and relax with a new Polywood rocker today. Take a look at all of the details below. Continue reading

Outdoor Garden Accents

91002-BKGarden accents from are fabulous items to spice up your outdoor living area. No matter if it is a simple bird bath, or a beautiful stepping stone, we have a vast collection of items to choose from. These special outdoor accessories will be perfect for everyday use, or simply for your special gathering. Enjoy free shipping today on any garden accessory item. Take a look at some customer favorites below. Continue reading

Outdoor Furniture Covers

71962With summer quickly winding down in some areas of the country, now is the time to start thinking about obtaining outdoor furniture covers for you patio furniture. has a large selection of patio furniture covers for you to choose from. From covers for simple outdoor chairs, to entire dining set covers, we have just what you need to protect your patio furniture from the outdoor elements. Continue reading

Polywood Picnic Dining Set

nauticalpicnic_660_1Polywood furniture allows you to kick back and relax, without the hassle of purchasing outdoor furniture year after year. The Polywood Picnic Dining Set is a great way for you to enjoy a wonderful lunch or dinner with your family. This durable outdoor dining set comes in array of colors that will surely match your outdoor décor. Take a look at what items are included in the Polywood package below. Continue reading