Amish Living Poly Upright Adirondack Chair

Adirondack chairs typically have a contoured seat and a back rest that is on a slight incline. Are there any Adirondack chairs that sit more upright? There is at The Amish Living Poly Upright Adirondack Chair is ideal for those who don’t want the sloped seating of a traditional Adirondack chair. This beautiful chair is available today and would be a great addition to your home this spring.

The Amish Living Poly Upright Adirondack Chair is 100 percent made in America. These Adirondack chairs are crafted in Pennsylvania out of recycled plastic materials. The durable poly material allows you to leave this chair outdoors all year long. Simply hose it off with a bit of soap and water and it will be as good as new for the new season. This piece of patio furniture comes in 12 beautiful colors so you can match it up with nearly any existing patio furniture or outdoor décor.

The Amish Living Poly Upright Adirondack Chair comes with a five year residential warranty, which gives you security in knowing that you are purchasing quality patio furniture. Free shipping to your home or lake house is included with your purchase. This environmentally friendly product will last you for the years to come. Choose your favorite color today!

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