Don’t forget your patio umbrella!

ba908We all enjoy the warm summer weather, but at times we could all use a little shade. A wonderful patio umbrella would be a fabulous option for your patio or deck. Here at we have a large variety of outdoor umbrellas for you to choose from. No matter if your patio is large or small; you will find a beautiful umbrella for your situation. Don’t forget to take a look at all of the gorgeous colors to choose from. Take a look at some examples below.

California Umbrella 7.5’ Aluminum Patio Umbrella: This drape umbrella is perfect for a normal patio dining set. It comes in three different frame colors. There are also over 15 different canopy colors to choose from.

California Umbrella 11’ Aluminum Market Umbrella: This massive patio umbrella is perfect for a large patio. There are over 30 different canopy colors to choose from.

California Umbrella 9’ Deluxe Cantilever Market Umbrella: This cantilever umbrella is ideal for any pool area. Enjoy the easy to use crank system.

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