Enjoy PolyWood Outdoor Benches

CB48WHBenches are extremely popular items in the summer months. Outdoor benches are great items for a deck, porch or garden area. No matter your bench needs, we can certainly take care of them at StonecrestFurniture.com. StonecrestFurniture.com has a vast array of benches in many different styles, sizes and colors available. Simply browse through our inventory and choose which bench fits your situation the best. Here are some of our best selling benches to choose from.

PolyWood Vineyard 60” Bench: This beautiful 60 inch bench is available in the traditional 6 PolyLumber colors. Wonderful custom-made cushions are also available.

PolyWood Traditional 48” Garden Bench: This 48 inch bench is perfect for all of your smaller area needs. This wonderful piece of outdoor furniture is ideal for any home.

PolyWood Chippendale 48” Bench: Looking for a little design with your outdoor bench? The PolyWood Chippendale 48” Bench is perfect for your outdoor patio area.

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