Outdoor Furniture Covers

58992HMarch brought severe weather to many areas of the country. Of course, we all wish we were outside enjoy beautiful weather, but there are times we have to head indoors to protect ourselves from the weather elements. But, what happened to your patio furniture? Did the rain, wind and storms damage it? Patio furniture covers can protect your outdoor furniture from the elements. Take a look at some customer favorites below.

Terrazzo Round Patio Table & Chair Set Cover: This outdoor dining set cover features Rain-Tite fabric that will protect your furniture from the elements. There are two different sizes to choose from.

Classic Accessories Veranda Elite Offset Umbrella Cover: Cover your cantilever umbrella with this beautiful, long lasting patio umbrella cover. This umbrella cover fits up to a 13’ umbrella (diameter)

Terrazzo 44” Diameter Round Fire Pit Cover: This fire pit cover features elastic loops that fit over the legs to keep your cover on during high wind days.

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