Polywood Adirondack Chair

ad5030_4The Polywood Adirondack Chair is the original all weather Adirondack chair that is simply the best piece of outdoor furniture available on the market. This classic Adirondack chair features a great combination of style and functionality. The eco-friendly Polywood lumber is safe for the environment and goes well with any outdoor décor. Take a look at all of the details of the piece of recycled plastic patio furniture below.

The Polywood Adirondack Chair is made to withstand a wide range of climates including the hot sun, cold winters and salty coastal air. Each Polywood chair is an incredible 40 lbs., which means strong winds will not blow your furniture away. The Polywood Adirondack Chair comes in a large variety of colors. From classic white to the new slate gray, you will be able to match your existing furniture or your outdoor décor. Add a wonderful seat cushion to the contoured seat for additional comfort.

The Polywood Adirondack Chair is on sale at StonecrestFurniture.com for a fabulous low price. For only $269.99 this wonderful piece of patio furniture can be yours. Purchase a pair for you and your loved one. They will be shipped directly to your home free of cost. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity while supplies last. You can order today at StonecrestFurniture.com.

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