Polywood Adirondack Chair

Nothing beats the classics. That is certainly true with the Polywood Adirondack Chair. This original classic is a wonderful choice for any area of the country. Built with the strength of wood and virtually maintenance free, this Polywood Adirondack chair would be a great piece of poly furniture for your home. Take a look at what makes this Adirondack chair great below.


The Polywood Adirondack Chair is an explosion of color. There are 13 different Polywood colors available. Mix and match the colors with multiple chairs or simply choose your favorite color from the group. The Adirondack chairs are made entirely out of poly lumber, which will be resistant to the weather elements and mildew. The chair is foldable, which allows you to store it during the winter months if you choose to take it off of your patio or deck. Optional seat cushions in Sunbrella fabrics are available.


The Polywood Adirondack Chair would be a great gift for a new homeowner. Free shipping to your home is included with your purchase. These beautiful Adirondack chairs ship quickly. Place your order today or request free samples. You can do so right now at Stonecrest Furniture.com.

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