The Original, The Best….PolyWood Original Adirondack Chair

original-adirondack-21The PolyWood Original Adirondack Chair is still one of the highest items in the outdoor patio furniture industry. Built with tremendous care and designed to handle the elements, this beautiful outdoor patio furniture chair is always a popular item around this time of year. No matter if you are simply looking for a few extra chairs for your patio, or searching for that special colored Adirondack chair that stands out around your pool, the PolyWood Original Adirondack Chair is built to handle any purpose.

The PolyWood Original Adirondack Chair is made from 100 percent recycled plastic milk jugs. Did you know that plastic milk jugs last for over 500 years? That means practically every milk jug ever made that ended up in a landfill is still in the ground. PolyWood recycles tens of thousands of plastic milk jugs to create beautiful plastic lumber. The PolyWood Original Adirondack Chair will never fade, crack, split or deform due to the weather. They are the perfect outdoor patio chairs for outdoor living. Many different colors are available for you to choose from. Add a comfortable cushion to enhance your relaxation level.

Right now the PolyWood Original Adirondack Chair is on sale for the great low price of $239.99. That is over $50 off of the original price. These chairs will be shipped to your home free of charge. Be prepared this spring for the wonderful weather. Get outdoors and enjoy the sun. You can place your order today at

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