The PolyWood Captain High Top Dining Set

__3Back in the old day’s outdoor patio furniture pretty much consisted of plain furniture that usually broke down after a short period of time. Well, these are certainly not the old days. The outdoor patio furniture industry has come a long way. The PolyWood company has gone above and beyond when creating the wonderful 2010 PolyWood Captain High Top Dining Set. This beautiful outdoor dining set is a great way to enjoy outdoor dinners or drinks with friends and family.

The PolyWood Captain High Top Dining Set features a 37 Inch PolyWood Bar Table and four PolyWood Captain Bar Chairs. Each piece of outdoor furniture is made from 100 percent PolyWood plastic lumber. That means your outdoor patio furniture will never rustic, crack, fade or split. The beautiful PolyWood Captain High Top Dining Set has a porous-free construction prevents mildew from growing. The heavy build makes it very difficult to blow over. Rain or shine, this outdoor furniture keeps on going for many years to come. You are able to choose from 6 different table colors and 6 different chair colors. Choose matching colors, or simply mix and match.

The PolyWood Captain High Top Dining Set is available for a great low price at For only $1,792.00 this beautiful outdoor dining set can be yours. Free shipping and a residential warranty is included in your order. Place your order today while supplies last at

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