The PolyWood Nautical 4 Chair Dining Set

nch38white4_1Outdoor dining is a staple of the summer season. From quiet afternoons with the family, to joyous evening meals with friends, having the perfect outdoor dining set can make for a summer to remember. We have a wonderful outdoor dining set for you from the PolyWood Nautical Collection. The PolyWood Nautical 4 Chair Dining Set is perfect for any size outdoor patio. Fire up the grill and butter the sweet corn because meals will be taking place outdoors in 2010 with the PolyWood Nautical 4 Chair Dining Set.

The PolyWood Nautical 4 Chair Dining Set features one PolyWood Nautical 37” Dining Table and either 4 PolyWood Nautical Lowback Chairs or 4 PolyWood Nautical Highback Chairs. Each piece of outdoor patio furniture is made from the unique PolyWood lumber, which is made from recycled milk jugs. That means your outdoor patio furniture will never crack, split or fade. This easy maintenance outdoor dining set comes in one of 6 beautiful colors that will match your outdoor décor. Optional cushions are available to enhance your comfort level.

Right now the PolyWood Nautical 4 Chair Dining Set is on sale at For the great low price of $1,435.00 this beautiful patio furniture set can be yours. Your outdoor dining furniture will ship directly to your home free of charge. Spring has arrived. What are you waiting for? Place your order today at, or simply give us a call at (800) 584-POLY(7659).

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