What is the difference in the Adirondack chair styles?

SH22WHNot sure which PolyWood Adirondack chair is right for you? Here at StonecrestFurniture.com we can certainly help you make the right choice. Visit our Adirondack Chair comparison page here. You will find all of the differences in each specific style of Adirondack chair. Each PolyWood Adirondack chair has a special difference that makes it unique and special. Below are some of our most popular models. Summer officially arrives on June 21st. Make sure your outdoor living area is prepared for all of your summer events. You can place your order right now at StonecrestFurniture.com.

The PolyWood Seashell Adirondack Chair: From the “Seashell” collection, this beauty is robust and ergonomically correct.

The PolyWood South Beach Adirondack Chair: This Adirondack chair uses thick ¾” material. It is available in 12 wonderful colors.

The PolyWood Curved Back Adirondack Chair: This outdoor chair features a 22” wide seat and folds for easy storage.

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