Why choose poly patio furniture?

Frequently we receive the question, “what makes poly-lumber furniture the best option for my home?” Poly-lumber furniture is a great product for any area of the country. Wet weather, warm weather, snow or wind is no match for poly furniture. How can we say this? It’s been tested by manufacturers around the country. Poly furniture is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material and other process additives. HDPE material is frequently used by many patio furniture manufacturers because of the durability of the material. Let’s dive into some reasons why poly furniture would work great for your home below.

- HDPE Material: This wonderful material is fantastic for any climate. Since HDPE material is non-absorbent, it will not absorb water like a wood product. Water is the fastest way to create mold and mildew. Many of our manufacturers used a high percentage of recycled materials to make the lumber. You can actually use more than 90 percent recycled material to make an Adirondack chair that will last for decades. Of course, all of the patio furniture on our website is 100 percent recyclable.
- Fabulous Durability: Poly lumber furniture is built to last. From the salty ocean air of the Outer Banks in North Carolina, to the wet, rainy weather of Seattle, Washington, these pieces of furniture will be a joy for you and your family for the years to come.

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